The Plan Credits

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BOY                                                               Josh Harraway
GIRL                                                              Renee Dorian
JAMAICAN LADY                                               Diva
CASHIER                                                         Tone Blair
MAIN THUG                                                     Kiyano La'Vin
THUG 2                                                          Rick Irvin
THUG 3                                                          Kiarke W. Barrett
THUG 4                                                          Jadili Griffin
Written & Directed by                                       Josh Harraway
Produced by                                                    Katherine Cheairs &
                                                                    Josh Harraway
Director of photography                                     Bryan Krandle
Editor                                                             Bryan Krandle
Location Sound                                                Scott Orlans
Sound Design                                                  Scott Orlans
Music by                                                        Scott Orlans of
                                                               Down Time Productions
Additional music by                                          Tone Blair &
                                                                    Dusty Roze
                                                           "You Look Real Bad Dog"
                                                           "Teenage Asian Sex Club"
Post Production by                                        Booted Productions
Special thanks to Jordan Kessler, Vee's Liquor Store, Ms. Tiny, James French, Duncan Padgett and Apple Computers.
Shot on location in Southern California, March 2004.
Copyright Harraway Films 2004