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(Oct 24-Nov 21)

You need to get out more. I mean desperately. Instead of tripping out over your main squeeze’s extracurricular activities why not get out there and do some stuff of your own. Or why not meet some of your main squeeze’s friends while you’re at it. Get out there and party. Go to the local hip hop club and shake that fat ass of yours. Move it around a little bit. Work off some of that extra weight. Put your fingers up to your lips and pretend to be smoking a joint. That way you’ll look cool, like the rappers. Touch yourself “just a lil bit”, then spin around. Pray to the lord for courage whenever you go to the restroom, but don’t tip the bathroom attendant. That’ll only encourage them. Make sure to take all of the little attendant’s snacks and chewing gum and partake of all the colognes and perfumes. Yeah. That’ll give you extra astrological power.