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(Dec 22-Jan 19)

Don't even trip. You got shit locked. Niggas be like "what..." when you come through. They can't handle it. Take advantage. Smash that whole section up right there. Play the wild cards and gravitate towards the celestial. Not the bestial. No. No more bestiality. That's some crazy shit you don't need to mess with anymore. Your done. It's over. You went through that phase. Move on. But as far as being competitive, healthy, secure, gifted and infected: You're on your way. Ludachris is about to reference you in a fucking radio hit. Watch. You'll be like damn. I read that shit weeks ago in the horoscopes and now here I am, being rhymed to in a debauched fucking Ludachris track.

"You know I like a dyme piece lookin' like porn/
I like how she gnaw on my cob like corn/
A real fuckin' bitch like my favorite Capricorn..."

Shit. That' only three verses. And when the DJs scratch it to repeat your actual name over and over and over, it's over. This is your time to shine. Everyone's gonna know your name. Everyone who listens to Luda.