Choose Your Own Adventure Credits

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Web Design                                                     Josh Harraway
Written and Directed by                                           Josh Harraway
Produced by                                                       Josh Harraway
Director of Photography                                         Jenn Cabullos
Videography                                                            Jenn Cabullos
Music by                                                               Tone Blair
                                                                           Dusty Roze
                                                                           Scott Orlans
Dusty Roze                                                         Dusty Roze
Josh Harraway                                                     Josh Harraway 
Tone Blair                                                         Anthony Weidner
NDO                                                                  NDO
Girl In Bikini 1                                                       Ker'in Hayden
Girl In Bikini 2                                                       Tess McVicker
Suicide Girl                                                          Julia Simmons 
Officer Whitey                                                      Ben Corey
Chad Bishop                                                          Chad Bishop
Masked Kidnapper                                                  Josh Harraway
Kiarke Barrett                                                         Himself