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Local Rapper Records Personalized Hip Hop Birthday Songs

Personalized Birthday Songs Become a Unique Trend in Birthday Gift Giving

LOS ANGELES, CA --Local rapper and entrepreneur Josh Harraway has recently found a profitable niche market in the largely untapped world of personalized birthday song writing.

Harraway, known to Los Angeles’s underground hip hop scene as Dusty Roze, records tailor made, two and a half minute rap songs about his customer's friends or relatives. Customers complete an online form detailing various aspects of their birthday recipient’s character.

The form, available at www.harraway.com, asks for many specific details about the birthday recipient such as the kind of car they drive, funny incidents that may have occurred in their past and their favorite T.V. shows. Once completed an original rap song is written specifically about the birthday person, rhyming their actual name and certain details from their life over an original hip hop instrumental. The final product is emailed to customers as an MP3 music file or mailed to them as a physical CD that can easily be played on a home stereo at a birthday party.

“It started a couple months ago with a birthday rap I recorded for a friend” said the 27 year old hip hop artist, “I couldn’t think of what to get her for her birthday, so I made her a rap song. She liked hearing her name in the rap so much that she played it for a lot of people. They started asking me to make songs for their friend’s birthdays, so I did.”

Staffed with several professional music producers, professional male and female vocalists and access to at least three 24 track recording studios, Harraway has been busily writing rhymes about any and everyone submitted to him via the website. Harraway claims his personalized birthday songwriting business is not limited to Hip hop, but includes the genres of Country Music, R&B, Rock, Jazz and the Blues.

“Most of the people who order songs want rap songs,” said Harraway “But in the past month I’ve also been requested to make a few country birthday songs.”

For songs that extend into genres other than hip hop Harraway has resorted to hiring other professional vocalists and musicians in order to create authentic music for everyone. This has meant the expansion of what was only a month ago a two person favor for a friend into a small business employing 8 people to date.

“My producers are so quick and versatile that it allows me to be really flexible” said Harraway, “One of my producers is able to make anything from Hip Hop to Rock to Techno and all at a fast speed.”

Harraway began rapping as J.O. Flo in 2001, founding a rap group called The Giant Slayers with his current birthday song business partner and producer Scott Orlans of Down Time Productions. He performed at clubs throughout the Los Angeles area developing a small following. In 2003 he changed his hip hop name to Dusty Roze and founded another group called The Appliance Shop Crew with music producer and birthday song business partner Tone Blair of 9 Figure Productions. Dusty Roze and The Appliance Shop Crew have opened for many acclaimed acts including Eligh and The Grouch of The Living Legends.

Despite having recently attained more financial success by recording personalized birthday songs for hire than he ever made while rapping his own more heartfelt tunes, Harraway has never actually performed any of his birthday songs at a live show.

“I guess I still haven’t taken it seriously” said Harraway “This was just something I was doing for fun that turned into a good opportunity. When I came up with the idea I did some research and there wasn’t a single business online doing personalized hip hop birthday songs.”

For many up and coming Los Angeles musicians it is often difficult to pursue a career in the arts while at the same time making ends meet. Harraway who considers himself a proud part of this long tradition has held a plethora of widely ranging job titles that span from being a candle salesman at the Beverly Center to being the Vice President of a mortgage company in the 9000 building on the Sunset Strip. Despite such a wide range of employment types, recording personalized birthday songs for the general public “takes the cake“.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a sample or demo), contact Josh Harraway at 323-360-1051 or visit www.harraway.com/


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