2pac Alive Music Video Photos 3

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I don't have any piercings myself, so I used stick on earrings for my ears and my nose. I got my head shaved and my facial hair Tupacalyzed at Hair Architect in the Fox Hill mall.


Miracle, Alanas, Josh Harraway, Yrene and Lynette dancing in front of a couple cars.

We filmed this part in Marina Del Rey.

Jeff Alexander was my camera man.

Allegedly Tupac Shakur was brutally murdered in Las Vegas on Friday September 13, 1996. That was ten years ago!
But who killed Tupac? Why haven't the authorities solved this crime yet when it's already been a whole decade?
Is Tupac actually still alive?
Go back to the first page of this site and send me a message with your opinion. I'd love to know what you think about all this.

During pre-production I debated the style in which I would film the video:
Comedy versus Serious Imitation
As far as comedy is concerned I absolutely love it and humor imbues almost all of my work consistently. Then again I'm a much less serious guy than Tupac was. At one point I even contemplated hiring a midget to dance in some of the scenes with me. But in the end I came to the conclusion that I should take the serious route and allow the quality of the video to rely on my ability to mimic Tupac's movements and gestures as well as the accuracy of my tattoos, appearance and costume. Besides I didn't want my project to communicate any disrespect for Tupac's great legacy.

We posted up in my jacuzzi where I lip synched a couple takes.

Yrene, Lynette, Mary and Alanas looking pretty as usual.

These ladies make me look good.

Yrene strikes a pose.

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