2pac Alive Music Video Photos 2

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I spent a considerable amount of time researching Tupac's body tattoos. Boy did he have a lot of tattoos.
Then I went down to Venice Beach where my friend Ray put everything into place with Henna. Henna is a type of ink that can stay on your skin for a couple weeks. It can even get wet and still remain.

2pac's right shoulder is the least photographed tattoo. Its a skull with "Westside" written above.

Why did Tupac have "Notorious" on his right arm?

I have a mole on my chest. Its been there my whole life. Ray hid it with the Thug Life tattoo.

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Is that Nefertiti or Kid from Kid and Play?

The panther on the left shoulder symbolizes Pac's family connection to the black panther movement.

After the tattoo has been drawn it takes about thirty minutes for the Henna to dry. During that time you have to stand completely still.
Ray did my chest and arms first. He saved my neck and stomach for last because sitting down or turning my head would have caused those tattoos to smudge.


It is an interesting perspective to learn about someone else by means of your own body.